Nerve Pain In Big Toe

Sometimes a person experiences a sharp, stinging sensation that is the result of nerve pain in big toe. The pain can be very severe and cause the individual to have a very difficult time walking or running. Sometimes the nerve pain in big toe is so bad that the person suffering from it may find walking is only possible using the side of the foot, avoiding having the toe coming in contact with the ground in any way.
This is very debilitating and normally results in a trip to the doctor for diagnosis. Often when the person visits the doctor a number of tests are done and the final decision will be that the nervous system has been compromised. The nerve pain in big toe can often be traced to diabetic neuropathy or a cyst that is pressing on the nerves running into the foot. The feeling one has can be one of walking on pins and needles, a burning sensation or a sharp and burning pain.
A person should not ignore nerve pain in big toe symptoms as they may indicate a serious issue that needs attention very soon to avoid additional problems with the toe and foot. See a physician as soon as possible.

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