Big Toe Joint Pain and Swelling

Big toe joint pain is especially common in people who are very physically active. However, it can also be attributed to old age. Arthritis is usually the diagnosis suspected when someone complains of joint pain, but this is not always the case. There are many causes of big toe joint pain. Here are the most common causes along with various treatment options.

Common Causes of a Big Toe Joint Pain:

1. Bunions: Bursa is a sac filled with fluid that prevents your joints from rubbing against your bone. It works like a lubricant. When this sac becomes swollen and inflamed, a read protrusion can be found on the side of the big toe. This can be extremely uncomfortable.

2. Injury: There is no way to cast a big toe should it break at any point in your life. Because of this those who break their toe are often left with permanent residuals. Over time the toe may even become arthritic. Arthritis can be very painful in cold or damp weather.

3. Gout: Though gout essentially affects the entire foot as it is caused by uric acid crystals building up around the joints of your Achilles heel, the most common indicator that you will experience an attack is extreme pain in the big toe joint.

Common Treatment:
1. Heat Therapy: It seems so simple, but the first thing you want to try when you experiencing big toe joint pain is heat. This is especially true for bunion pain and foot injuries.

2. Injections: If you do not have the time or patience to wait for your big toe to heal, then injections are recommended. This treatment is an option when people simply must keep moving after an injury. Most athletes prefer this method of treatment because they cannot afford to waste time in a non-competitive or non-training status.

3. Corticosteroids: When pain in unresponsive to heat therapy or medications, a corticosteroid can be prescribed. This is not a treatment that is recommended for long term use.

All causes of big toe joint pain are not listed in this article. Likewise, there are other treatment options available as well. To determine the exact cause of your big toe pain and the best treatment options, it is always best to seek out a medical professional.

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